The Korsars is the fashion label of brother-and-sister-duo Karl and Hanna Korsar. The siblings have spent years building their own successful labels and The Korsars is set to combine their individual talents: Hanna’s impeccable eye for craftsmanship and design with Karl’s daring and eye-catching prints.

The Korsars is a luxury pret-a-porter fashion house that delivers true craftsmanship, combined with ethically-sourced materials and a contemporary approach to print design. Beyond the aesthetics of the brand, one of the core principles of The Korsars is that the people who make the clothes are treated with dignity and respect. This drives The Korsars to only make partnerships with suppliers that share their commitment to healthy workplaces that sustain the natural environment.

Karl and Hanna Korsar seek to create an emotional connection with their customers around the world through inspiring product design.

Hanna’s career as a designer started early while working alongside her mum at her workshop/studio, going on to win her first award as a fashion designer at Supernova aged 17. After high school Hanna studied Textile Art at Tartus School of Art. For a year, she trained in Finland where she studied fashion and styling at the Institute of Art and Design. She graduated in 2005 and started working as purchasing agent for textiles at Sangar, a designer shirts company. After years of being an editor of a fashion magazine and a stylist for many artists, she decided to focus on her own brand and opened her atelier/studio/workshop in 2008, focusing on her unique design. Her style reflects a timeless elegance-inspired aesthetic, impeccable craftsmanship, and the gentle use of colour.

The story of Karl started on a similar path. Growing up in a highly creative environment, Karl learnt how to draw inspiration from his surroundings from an early age. He moved to Estonia’s capital Tallinn aged 19 to study textile design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Here, alongside a technical understanding of fabrics, he developed his passion and flair for print design. Following his studies, Karl spent 5 years working on various freelance commissions in London, Melbourne and Sydney before returning to Estonia to focus on setting up a label with a clear and unique vision: “I’ve always been fascinated by the dynamism of fabrics and how the spring to life when worn. I want to create clothing that people are excited to wear and which makes them feel an edgy yet elegant. Our printed, woven and knitted pieces is a gift to oneself adding a bit of spark into our everyday life… I create all of my designs with this at the forefront of my mind.”