The Korsars is a prêt-à-porter fashion label created by brother-and-sister-duo Karl and Hanna Korsar. After years spent crafting their own unique brands, the formidably talented siblings have combined Hanna’s impeccable eye for craftsmanship and design with Karl’s daring and eye-catching prints to create high quality and unique clothing, bags and accessories under the Korsars label.

Corporate gifts

Additionally, the new venture offers bespoke apparel solutions for companies and organizations, weaving their brand identity into custom silk accessories, t-shirts, jumpers, bags, eye masks and more. Original prints are designed in cooperation with client organizations to ensure that the clothing reflects their distinct identity and color palette.

While the Karl Korsar brand has traditionally focused on cool, edgy fashion and furniture, Hanna is known for her unique bespoke creations. In combining their unique approaches, the siblings have sought to reflect their mutual love of functional design pieces that stimulate the senses, whilst also evoking feelings of comfort, contentment and confidence. Harmonic colors and innovative prints are designed to empower the wearer, and satisfy their natural need to look amazing.


Together towards cheerful creation

Hanna and Karl were raised by their mother, Helle Korsar, in a small apartment that also served as a fashion atelier. It was a creative sanctuary for the siblings, who immersed themselves in their mother’s extensive collection of design, architecture, and art themed books. The apartment served as an epicenter for artists, tailors, and those with a love of history and literature. Helle took inspiration from everything around her, no matter how seemingly insignificant, a trait she passed on two Hanna and Karl.

Hanna and Karl trace their cultural and creative roots across the continent, from Azerbaijan to Germany, to the folkloric island of Kihnu, in Estonia. This diversity of influence reflects in their design process, and the synthesis of differing ideas to mesmeric effect. While novel and innovative designs are paramount, the siblings also prioritize super functionality in the cut of each piece.

Though they currently live in different cities (Hanna in Tallinn and Karl in Berlin), the Korsars are closer than ever.

The aura of The Korsars work environment

The Korsars are highly conscious of the relationship they have with the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the world around them. They recognize that establishing a sustainable fashion brand requires both time and resources; especially in the initial phases. The Aura of The Korsars work environment should be understood as a tool for cooperation and dialogue about improving systems to manage adverse impacts on human rights, including labor rights, the environment. Both as people, and through their brand, the Korsars seek to uphold and advocate principles for sustainable social, environmental, and economic development and conservation.

The label focus on our suppliers’ ability and willingness to demonstrate continuous improvements in meeting the requirements of sustainable fashion, we feel confident that cooperation and dialogue can result in a more efficient partnership, from which both parties will benefit.