Corporate gifts and apparel

The Korsars pieces are a reflection of two textile designers – sister and brother – bold, colorful, eclectic, and vibrant. All of our products, from clothing to accessories, feature one-of-a-kind prints that convey their own story. Over the years, the duo have created memorable and unique corporate gifts and apparel for various companies, government agencies, and various major projects.


We create exclusive patterns for businesses and provide custom solutions for each one, taking into account corporate brand and color palette.  Each print pattern is unique and tells the client’s story. We create original printed corporate apparel and textile gifts, including scarves, ties, sleep masks, beanies, pullovers, t-shirts for men and women, and much more.


Our silk accessories are manufactured at a family-run business with many years of printing experience located in Como, Italy. However, all garments are made in Estonia, where we can be certain that our partner adheres to the same values and work ethic that we consider important. We always gather our textile waste and either donate it to schools or use it to design new items.


Planning is critical to project management and the design process. Having a plan of how to get things done is the foundation for the successful implementation of any project.

Process steps:

  1. Setting goals
  2. Cooperation brief and strategy
  3. Creative solutions and product development
  4. Design confirmation
  5. Fabric sourcing
  6. Size scales
  7. Production
  8. Product delivery and user manuals
  9. Follow-up and review