The Korsars is the fashion label of brother-and-sister-duo Karl and Hanna Korsar. The siblings have spent years building their own successful labels and The Korsars is set to combine their individual talents: Hanna’s impeccable eye for craftsmanship and design with Karl’s daring and eye-catching prints.

The Korsars is a luxury pret-a-porter fashion house that delivers true craftsmanship, combined with ethically-sourced materials and a contemporary approach to print design. Beyond the aesthetics of the brand, one of the core principles of The Korsars is that the people who make the clothes are treated with dignity and respect. This drives The Korsars to only make partnerships with suppliers that share their commitment to healthy workplaces that sustain the natural environment.

Karl and Hanna Korsar seek to create an emotional connection with their customers around the world through inspiring product design.